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THE  HAGUE  2017

The first week started with the OH OH CITY TOUR which visited the Filmhuis Den Haag, Central Library, PAARD and student association Intac van Zwijndregt. This new city tour was a nice eye opener for the new international students to get to know the city better.

On Thursday August 31 the OH OH INTRO FESTIVAL took place at Lange Voorhout. A beautiful square close to the Houses of Parliament.   The new students got a smash load of information about culture, going out, insurances, banking facilities and much more.  The festival has had some nice bars hosted by grandcafe XIEJE & MJR TOM.

The following artists where on the mainstage:
Geza Weisz # Ziggy # Johnny 500 # Boy Next Door # Dj Jules # Mc Marboo # Dj Ennergize # Dj Adventure Boy

The elderman of The City of The Hague – Saskia Bruines invited her guests of the official start of the study year at the OH OH INTRO backstage bar.

The after party was at PAARD – Prinsegracht 12.


OH OH INTRO in de media

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OH OH INTRO has been in the newspapers and in online news media. The video of Algemeen Dagblad is awesome. Algemeen Dagblad Video


augustus 23rd, 2017|0 Comments

Hey Mr. DJ, please play my song! Finally your calls will be answered! It's simple, when you enter you'll receive a request form for 1 song, fill it in & hand it to the DJ [...]

Artists at OH OH INTRO

augustus 14th, 2017|0 Comments

“THE CITY OF THE HAGUE OFFERS YOU THE BEST OUTDOOR PARTY TO START WITH” OH OH INTRO offers you: Information market, several bars, three stages, deejay’s, music, games and lots of fun. All students [...]

De eerste namen van het OH OH INTRO festival 2017

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OH OH INTRO proudly presents the first two artists: THE BOY NEXT DOOR We bet the neighbours know his name. With an undefeated track record in making girls dance that [...]


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Het is bijna zover! De line up van de OH OH INTRO wordt komende week (26) bekend gemaakt. Het programma is zo goed als rond! Het grootste studentenfestival van Den Haag met de mooiste informatiemarkt [...]


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OH OH INTRO promoteam Ben jij een super vrolijke, enthousiaste en een beetje brutale student en wil jij je inzetten voor hét introductiefestival van Den Haag? Meld je dan nu aan voor het Promotieteam [...]


The OH OH INTRO festival will be organized for all students in The Hague. It is the traditional end of all introduction activities. The following higher education schools educate students in The Hague: De Haagse Hogeschool, Hogeschool Inholland, KABK, Koninklijk Conservatorium, Hotelschool The Hague, Institute of Social Studies, Universiteit Leiden.
The Hague offers a lot to her students, a diversity of education possibilities and a nice city with all the benefits of its size. With 500.000 inhabitants and 35.000 students everything is really compact and close by. The Hague is a safe city, so is the Oh Oh INTRO festival. It is protected by guards and the terrain is fenced to avoid others than students to enter.
The festival offers students a wide range of organisations and companies who will display there products and services for students. The student organisations will also be present to make it easy to choose which organisation you can join. Such as INTAC, HSV, Inter-Access, Enactus, HSFN, Valerius student orchestra, Eurasia, Navigators, The Hague Student Union, International IAM, HSSK.

More information about The City of The Hague you can find on the app http://www.studentinthehague.com


  • You need to be able to identify yourself with an ID card.
  • No own food and drinks are allowed.
  • No glasses or bottles allowed on the festival grounds.
  • The possession and use of drugs is strictly forbidden.
  • Under 18-years? Sorry, but we can’t sell you any alcohol. For this reason, we might have to check your ID to make sure everything is in order.
  • Don’t sit or stand at the grass
  • Dangerous/sharp objects and weapons are strictly forbidden.
  • Pets are not allowed on the terrain, since this is definitely not their kind of a party.
  • For security reasons, visitors might be subject to a frisk at the entrance. In case someone refuses to be frisked, they might be denied to enter.
  • Smoking inside a facility on the terrain is strictly forbidden.
  • Mind your sip, drink responsibly! > But above all, have fun at the festival


Want to meet us?

You can find us at the following locations.


Johanna Westerdijkplein 67
2521 EN Den Haag


Theresiastraat 6D
2593 AN Den Haag

TELEFOON +3170 44 58 885
EMAIL intro@acku.nl
WEBSITE www.acku.nl

Luggage safes – train station – CS The Hague:
At this station you can hire a luggage safe. Easy to use and electronically secure.
You pay per 24 hours. Different rates apply for this station. You pay € 6.00 for a small safe; € 9.00 for a large safe for the first 24 hours. Opening hours Day From To monday 05:15 01:30 Tuesday 05:15 01:30 Wednesday 05:15 01:30 Thursday 05:15 01:30 Friday 05:15 01:30 Saturday 05:15 01:30 sunday 05:15 01:30



For general questions about the festival and Oh Oh INTRO 2017: intro@acku.nl


Want to help out as a volunteer?
Please contact: intro@acku.nl

Marketing & Communication

Festival programme/posters
For all questions about the content of the festival programme or posters. Or would you like to receive the festival programme?
Please contact:valentijn@acku.nl

Press accreditation
For all questions about the press accreditation.
Please contact: steven@acku.nl

Want to join the promo team? Or invite our promo team?
Please contact: marleen@ohohintro.nl

Programme and technical

For all questions about the DJ and band programme or technical aspects.
Please contact: samantha@acku.nl

Side acts & Cultural performances

Questions about the side-acts and other performances?
please contact: samantha@acku.nl